Alcohol and Spirits Logistic is regulated by the Customs Authorities Legislation.

The customs regulations (e.x. Harmonized System codes) permit to identify the duty and tax rates (excises, Social Security taxes) for specific types of beverages (fermented or distilled) according to their Alcoholic Strength by volume.

IEFW is accredited

To comply with legal customs requirements, IEFW is subject to obtain License and has the status of Excise duties warehouse which enables us to offer a full range of services in Alcohol and Spirits Logistics.

We insure the full range of services starting from the receipt of your goods up to their dispatch towards your customers.


  • Reception and inventory control
  • Goods in
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Preparation of orders
  • Packaging according to your requirements
  • Dispatch with the appropriate mode of transport

In addition we take care of all the steps concerning alcohol and spirits logistics:

  • Stock accounts records of goods in and out
  • Monthly Customs Declaration of stock movement to our customs office
  • Providing the necessary documents for national and international movements of alcohol
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